2009-2010 i'm loc'ng!

I became a natural on April 25th 2006. It was a rough two years filled with identity crisis and getting to know and love my hair. Then I had a pressed hair disaster in June 2008. I tried to go with the flow and make things work, but for the next 7 months, no matter what I did My hair was always dry, frizzy and just messed up. This was all a result of the intense heat and the lack of a proper heat protectant by the hairdresser. My hair was left damaged.

So in February 15th 2009 I decided to embrace my nappturality, my african in me and loc my hair. I was so nervous, but I was sure that was what I wanted. The next few months were rough, as one normally goes through an unkempt-looking period when in the early stages of locing. I had extensions put in in October 2009 which came out great but they were artificial because I couldnt find the human hair. In May 2010 I started cutting out the extensions until June when I completely cut them out. I got fed up of not being able to colour my hair and plus the extensions had started to look kinda old. It's like when you put braids in your hair and after an extended period the braids start to look "old".

So now I'm wearing my locs. I love them and sometimes I wish I could put some human hair extensions in it but for now I'm broke since i just graduated from university lol. And besides, the short hair is fun and funky!!

I'll post my regimen soon when I get the chance:)

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