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Family Farm

Beekeeping / Gardening - Farming / Happy Hens Poultry Farm / Wine-Making / and all sorts of related projects!!!

Beach Plum Orchard
albums: 1
Busy Bees NJ Beekeeping Raising and Rearing Honey Bees
albums: 23
Food Preservation
Canning and Preserving Foods from the Garden and Farm.
albums: 2
Gary's Green Garden
90 x 90 Garden gives me 8100 Square Feet to Grow Most All I Need with Surplus for Friends and Neighbors
albums: 6
Green Acres Farm
Beach Plum Orchard / Vineyard / Rye Grain Field and Pasture Land
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Happy Hens Poultry
~ Raising and Rearing Chickens and a Very Cool facebook page ---> ~
albums: 2
Power Projects
Building / Fixing / Reconditioning / Cleaning, etc.
albums: 4
Wine Making
Making Wine from Chilean Grapejuice in May and from California Grapejuice in Sept each year and later on, from my own Grapes and Beach Plums. Natali Vineyards Photos are here --->
albums: 9