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South Jersey Beekeepers Association Meeting which also included a Session on how to make Sculpture, Candles, Hand Cream, Soap and Lip Balm using Beeswax!!!

Perhaps, Consider Rearing Honey Bees in your Back Yard or Garden!!!

For more information on Beekeeping visit the
New Jerseys Beekeepers Association Website here ---> http://www.njbeekeepers.org/

Be sure to check out their link page ---> http://www.njbeekeepers.org/FavoriteLinks.htm
for other Honey Bee websites and for Beekeeping Associations in your State.

PBS Video on Beekeeping and CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) --->

Special Thanks to Cecelia and Alf Berg for their time and effort.
You can visit them at their website ---> www.herbertsvillehoney.com

And Special Thanks to Janet Katz, webmaster of NJBA, for adding my Slideshow Link of this Album to the
New Jersey Beekeepers Association State Webpage here ---> http://www.njbeekeepers.org/Photography.htm

Fondant Recipe ---> http://candy.about.com/od/fondantcandyrecipes/r/basic_fondant.htm

Questions about this photo album can be directed to me at GaryGS1@yahoo.com

BEE-Happy and BEE-Awesome!!! Gary

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