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Sunday Morning Running Club.

It is easy to neglect our minds and bodies in the rush of everyday challenges and our modern busy day schedule.

We have to constantly remind ourselves the importance of eating right, resting right, exercising right,
paying attention to the needs of our bodies, minds and souls while balancing everyday hurdles.

Otherwise, how will we keep doing all the things we love to do and for a long time...

The parent Folder Contains Albums of some of my practices for living a healthful, satisfying and fruitful life...
Perhaps you can develop your own enduring and healthful lifestyle.
Parent Folder is here --->

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Peace and Cheers!!! Gary

Sunday AM Running Club Photo for 3-22-09
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Sunday AM Running Club Photo for 3-22-09

From Right to Left... Steve / Patti / Barbara and me... '-))) Others in our Spin or Yoga Classes are Welcome to Run / Jog / or Walk (or your own combination) with US, Sundays at 10AM!!! We meet at the back of the Cape May County Park in the rear parking lot!!! Cheers!!! Gary

Lap times (each lap is 1.5 miles with loop)
Total Distance Ran 6 Miles in 51:01 Minutes.
Average Pace 8.50 minutes per mile.
1. 13:13
2. 12:26
3. 12:26
4. 12:56

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Taken: March 22, 2009
Uploaded: March 22, 2009
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  • MsFocker Ireland (Private)
    9 years 3 months ago
    you have a great lifestyle, Gary. Lots of energy for everything!!! I would LOVE to join you! :-D

    OK!!! Yur in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From now on Everyday is your BEST DAY!!! And I will be right here to ASSIST YOU!!! Gary


    Thank you! You did inspired me to try to put in action some of my "from Monday I'm starting...." plans :-))). You're very encouraging, tnx!