Snowstorm February 3rd 2010

This Album includes photos around my Office, Neighborhood, my Property, the Farm, the Chickens and the Honey Bees...

Items # 94, 102,103 are VIDEOS!!!

  • 8 years 3 months ago
    This one is a VIDEO!!! Honey Bees Surviving the Winter of 2010
    Hi Gary :-)
    I'm happy to know your bees are not only surviving-but thriving dispite the cold and snow. It has to be the many hours you spend giving good care to them, and all your critters & plants! I think your parents would be so very proud to see how you work the farm!
  • 8 years 3 months ago
    Snowstorm February 3rd 2010
    Hi Gary! Nice shot, great macro! Do they measuring a temperature?
    • Hi Serega!!! Thanks for checking in and your comment!!!

      During this photo the temp outside is about freezing... however,,, in the bee hive it is 97F / 36C. The bees make heat and keep the hive warm.
      To help them, I put black tar paper around the bee hive to collect the warm sun rays... so under the flap where the thermometer is it is 70F / 21C... amazing... here are 2 videos I made and Let me know what you think about these!!! Thanks / Gary
      • 8 years 3 months ago
        Videos are great. I left comments there. I love that bee sound :)
        • Thanks Serega!!!

          I think that it is really cool to have the video right into the photo album!!!
          Now I am trying to figure out the best way of remembering where all these little videos are in the albums that I am making... In "My Videos"
          of course they are all in one place... but I like this better... I just need to figure a shortcut or way to remember where I put them...

          I thought of this idea...
          I made a Video Journal Album like Dmitri.
          In there I can upload videos of course...
          But since it uses too much storage to copy from the videos I install
          into albums I have this idea...
          I just copy a photo there from the album and then put the link to the
          actual photo/video in the title... see here --->
          Is there a better way??? Gary
          • 8 years 3 months ago
            Thanks for sharing interesting facts and hints about bees :) Very interesting. Thanks for the idea about bee keeping. I will come up with that to Dmitri :)

            Maybe you just need to use some special tags (something like: video_bees_winter_2010) to somehow organize tour video without copying them... also it would be easier to find them.
            Maybe it's a little bit complicated so long tags, but i thing this is some of the way.

            Best wishes!

            -- Serega