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Costa Rica Tour Planning Dec. 2004

I am going to Costa Rica for 13 days over the Dec. 2004 Holidays. This will be my first trip with an organized tour group. Usually I travel independant and solo. However, I thought that I would give this company a try-out!!! They have tours all over the world... I will let you know how it turns out...Stay Tuned!!! GaryGS1

Ohhhhhhhhhh,,, for now, here are some pictures of my resources and planning!!! Cheers!!! I mean hasta luego :)

Costa Rica Spanish Phrase Book by Lonely Planet Back Cover Inset
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Costa Rica Spanish Phrase Book by Lonely Planet Back Cover Inset

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Uploaded: December 16, 2004
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  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    13 years 5 months ago
    I was just looking at your newest photos, some cool shots!
    "One can't, but toucan"

    All my bests, Phil
  • ErinBenz (Private)
    13 years 5 months ago
    Gary-Just wanted to keep you up on our current numbers...
    Signed by member: Peter (01/06/05 09:24)
    Hi Erin~,

    I'll see your 24 visitors and raise you a Toucan and a One Ton Tomato!

    okay Peter -
    I see your 30 visitors, raise you a one ton tomato, a toucan and 2 small monkeys. Ready to fold,,,huh? huh? huh? ~E
  • Steve (Private)
    13 years 6 months ago
    "All I want for Christmas is my Fruit Loops and Tucan Sam"

    Hi Gary...Just got 2 feet of snow in Cleveland! While I was shoveling the drive today (for 3 hours) I was thinking about you basking in the warm Costa Rican sun and sipping margaritas by the pool (or jungle path?).

    Well, I guess it will be hot here too in about 5 or 6 months! Have fun!

  • ooO(PETER)Ooo Premium user Australia (Private)
    13 years 6 months ago
    Those Toucans are soo cool

    Ya,,, the Lonely Planet Guidebook that I am taking has lots of great pix,,, but I just wanted to put a few here for a taste!!! Gary

    AND,,, yaaaa,,, makes me want to have a Guinness!!! Gary