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Peru Aug. 2007 (Full File / 1 of 2 Albums)

This is a full size working file and not actually intended for one by one photo viewing. However, for those interested, the best way to view this album would be to scroll through the thumbnails and select what you are looking for (or whatever it is that may catch your eye'-))) and click on that to enlarge. From this main album I will make smaller seperate albums on particular topics and/or subjects as time allows.

If you were a group member, or photo subject, and would like a particular photo (s), let me know the IMG_ # (s) and I will copy your request to a sharing album where you can right click to save for free, or you can simply order a quality print (s) from this site using the "Order Photo" scroll down box.

Thanks for stopping in. Of Course, if you have lots of free time... plunge in '-))) The slideshow feature (below right) reset at 1 or 2 seconds works well '-))) Best Wishes / Gary G. Schempp

PS... a great video --->

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