Exploring New York City with Peter Molenaar July 2nd 2008 Day 3.

Peter Molenaar (http://members.fotki.com/Molenaar12/about/) from the Netherlands Visited here for 2 weeks!!!

We had a great time traveling around The North-East USA. On our second action packed day of New York City we took a 2-3 hour tour of Harlem, sponsored by the hostel where we were staying.

Then we visited Times Square, called Iggy (Igor) to visit the Fotki Office (but found out they moved to Calif.) and walked home via Central Park after which we packed up and headed to Connecticut!!!

The next day is here ---> http://public.fotki.com/GaryGS1/travel_albums/summer-travels-in-u/peter-molenaar-and-/

Peter's Associated Albums are here ---> http://public.fotki.com/Molenaar12/sony-alpha-1/usa-1/
Peter's Videos of my visit to Holland August 2006 are here ---> http://video.fotki.com/Molenaar12/
My Video of Peter here in North Wildwood July 2008 is here ---> http://video.fotki.com/GaryGS1/53911/

Enjoy!!! And Have Fun!!! Cheers!!! Gary G. Schempp