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Various Families
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Bolderoff, Boldroff & Kazeyev
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Tolmasoffs & Tolmosoffs
There are at least six (6) different Tolmasoff Families that I know of.. Charlan,(~1814-?) - Prakov, (~1815- ?) - Taras, (~1834-?) & Dimitri,(~1840-?) Charlon had 3 or 4 brothers.. Prakov may have been one of them. Taras & Dimitri may be sons of Charlan or Prakov for all I know.. There was also a Levon (Leon) (~1865 - ?) & a Spiro (Spiddidon) (~1865 - ?)
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George Boldroff

The John Paul S. Babshoff & William Paul Babishoff Families, and others.

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George Boldroff
Ensenada-Guadalupe Tour
May 4, 2002

Lynn & Bev's Tour in Baja

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All sorts of pics from various people & places

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San Francisco Molokans, Friends & Families
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George Boldroff

Various Shubins

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Unknown Molokans & Antique Photos

Some old (some new) photos of our ancestors and stuff.. taken many many years ago... and many unknowns.
Please try to help us identify some of these folks. Thank You. (Ghrishka)

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Valoff - Valov

Mostly Lynn's Relatives .. but not all

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