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Packing Pots

On the road in 1967 in search of potters I landed at the Pot Shop in Venice, California. Hank Marrow and a guy whose name slips me opened the co-operative pottery in about '63 and Ned Sloan was managing it when I arrived. Next to the pottery was Joe Funk's stone lithography oppreation. When I decided to leave for Detroit in a Drive-Away with some pots Doc Group, one of Joe's cronies, wouldn't let me leave until I mastered the newspaper sausage packing method he says came from Japan. Doc was a pretty tough customer who drove the Burma Trail during the war and took no back talk! I did what he showed me and to this day I could count on my hands and feet the pots I have packed that arrived broken. All one needs is a bunch of newspapers and some patience. My hands get a bit dirty but it washes off. I also have video of this comming soon. I hope you can make it work if no other packing material is available.


Packing Pots (18)

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Taken: July 10, 2005
Uploaded: August 14, 2006
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