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2014-04-05 Salsa Birthday at Rain Club
3rd annual celebration for Viktoria Havasi and Christoph Iro, with Allison DeShazo
albums: 2
2014-03-15 Salsa at Empire Fitness
Party after a weekend of kizomba lessons. This folder contains two albums and links to two movie clips: one kizomba and "Vivir Mi Vida" Go to: and
albums: 2
2014-02-22 Salsa Mardi Gras at Empire Fitness
Social Dancing is posted. Portraits are still being processed as of 24 Feb.
albums: 5
2014-02-14 Black & Red Salsa at 11th Frame
Message to newcomers and guests: you are welcome to right click-download any shots you want, post to Facebook, etc. Please do not crop out the credits. Otherwise, help yourselves, and I hope to see you again. -Regards, Bob Topp
albums: 2
2013-10-19 Salsa Alabama Jam at VBC
This is the big one. When complete, this folder will contain a number of albums. The social dancing is divided into three albums. There is a separate album of action clips from the performances, a short album covering the presentations, and a short album of the switch dance. Last will be an album of portraits, but it will take me somewhat longer to process those. Oh, yeah, and I took a few short movie clips that I will eventually get around to uploading. Watch John's Facebook page for updates. Your patience will be appreciated! Special thanks goes out to Brian Boardman. I literally could not have set up or given you this good a collection of shots without Brian's help. Note that my shots are marked HBN-Photos, but Brian's shots are marked with his name and file numbers, in addition to his credits in the lower right corner where the images are watermarked. You are welcome to right-click-save any images in these folders and display them on your own computers, Facebook, etc. I ask only that you do not remove the watermark in the lower right of each shot- this is the only credit we get for the shots, and it's a lot of work in the long run. Note that the images you see here are limited to 800 pixels on the long side- that's fine for screen displays, but they are intentionally too small to make prints. If you want prints, contact me at my email address:, and identify the prints you're interested in by album title and picture number. Thanks to everyone for the great atmosphere at the dance. It was good to see so many out, and I hope the pictures will do some justice to the effort you made with your costumes. Thanks again to John Morey for putting it all together. -BT
albums: 4
2013-09-21 Salsa at Empire Fitness
Roughly 1500 shots posted between 9:00 p.m. and 12 midnight. Shots are in three albums by hour. If you don't want to take time for all of them, there is a short starter album with good samples from the whole night. Thanks to John Morey and all the good dancers for a great evening out- BT
albums: 4
2013-09-13 Salsa at Madison Lanes
My first time to shoot at the bowling alley- pretty nice place if you haven't tried it...
albums: 2
2013-06-19 Salsa at Fubar
This folder contains two albums of shots, total a little over 600. The shots were made with flash as well as with available light, in order to show off the club lighting and to capture some nice silhouettes. For those who are new to my website, you are free to download anything you want as long as you leave my information on the pictures for credit. Just right click and save. If you see any shots that display you prominently in a bad way, please contact me at, and I'll be happy to remove them. Enjoy, BT
albums: 2
2013-05-18 Salsa at Empire Fitness
Three albums covering 9-10 p.m., 10-11 p.m. and 11-midnight
albums: 3
2013-02-16 Salsa Mardi Gras
Dance and Portraits at Empire Fitness
albums: 5
2013-01-26 Sentir El Ritmo 2nd Anniversary
NASHVILLE @ CASA AZAFAN Congratulations to Gwen and Steven, and thanks for the great time. Thanks also to the folks from Nashville who made the crowd from Huntsville feel welcome. 'hope to see ya'll again soon, BT
subfolders: 1 and albums: 4
2012-12-31 Salsa New Year's Eve
Empire Fitness
albums: 3
2012-12-08 Black and Red at Empire Fitness
This folder contains four albums: Dance shots, parts 1 & 2; Sideline shots; and Portraits. BT
albums: 4
2012-11-17 Pajama Party at Nashville Ballroom
Dance shots, portraits and movies As always, if you object to the way you are portrayed in any shot, by all means contact me at, and I will remove offending photos. I hope you enjoy the albums, and thanks for the hospitality there in Nashville (even if Vandy did beat the Vols that night!). BT
albums: 4
2012-10-19 Salsa Party before the Party
Dancing and performance at Empire Fitness
albums: 4
2012-10-20 Salsa at VBC
The main party, costume portraits, performance shots
albums: 4
2012-09-13 Salsa at Pinz
This was our first outing at Pinz, Bridge Street Mall, Madison, AL.
albums: 6
2012-08-18 Nashville Ballroom
Salsa birthday evening- This was my first time to attend a dance in Nashville. I want to thank everyone for the hospitality and making me feel welcome. I had a great time and hope to see ya'll again sometime. Best regards, BT
albums: 3
2012-07-21 Salsa at the Radisson
We had a great turnout and a birthday dance/cake for Steven Damo.
albums: 4
2012-06-23 Empire Fitness
"Dancing with Friends" - AIDS Coalition Benefit Dance
albums: 2
2012-06-16 At the Radisson
Father's Day and Two Birthdays- Great crowd and a great time! Everything is finally posted as of Friday, 22 June. See you again soon, and thanks for looking, BT
albums: 5
2012-05-19 Salsa at the Radisson
Radisson Hotel, Madison, Alabama- we had a great turnout and a wonderful night for salsa. For prints or other requests, please feel free to contact me at: Thanks for visiting, BT
albums: 2
2012-04-15 Salsa Festival Huntsville
Completed: The open dancing pictures have all been posted under Primo and Segundo Albums. A folder has been created for full action sequences of the dance performances. An album of performance highlights has also been set up. Albums for the line dance and birthday dance are complete. I hope you enjoy the shots. Thanks for letting me be a part of this event. As always, you can contact me with questions or requests for prints, etc. at: Regards, Bob Topp
subfolders: 1 and albums: 5
2012-03-31 Birmingham Double Salsa Birthday
Birthday celebrations for Viktoria Havasi and Christoph Iro at Martini's in Hoover, AL. This folder contains three albums: First cut, birthday celebration and the rest of the stuff. The last album contains shots that might not be perfectly focused or lit well, or just extras of other stuff- good for memories, even if not the best. We missed Salseroblanko and most of the Huntsville retinue, but there were a handful of us there. It was nice to see all the Birmingham folks who have been missing from H'ville the last couple of months. 'hope to see ya'll at John's bash in April. If anyone wants prints or a disk of pictures, feel free to contact me at:
albums: 3
2012-03-21 Empire Fitness
Just two couples and a handful of shots...
albums: 1
The Art of Salsa
albums: 3