Fermilab Open House

Fermilab (http://www.fnal.gov/ ) houses Tevatron - an accelerator that was the world’s largest one before CERN’s Large Hadron Collider’s (LHC) was built. We attended an annual Open House there. We could not document everything: we don’t have pictures of exciting Mr. Freeze’s cryogenic show that we enjoyed in the Ramsey Auditorium, Meson lab tour (we could not get in: there were too many people willing to take at least one tour, and we took two) physical experiments (we did not have time to attend this presentation), hands-on activities for kids in the atrium, and LHC’sRemote Operating Center. Fermilab’s scientists made a significant contribution to creation of the LHC, and once it’s finished, they will be able to stage experiments and monitor them without leaving their home town. We also did not have time to go the 15th floor of the atrium, where visitors could talk to scientists observing the Lab’s grounds. We hope to go there next time.
Locations of sites can be seen on this map: http://www.fnal.gov/pub/visiting/map/site.html . Also, click on the globe (which is either to the left of the album name or next to the facebook and twitter buttons) to see how the lab looks from Space: nice circles!