Air Zoo

The Air Zoo, founded as the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum, is an aviation museum and indoor amusement park adjacent to the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport (AZO) in Portage, Michigan. Many of its antique planes are airworthy, and you can take a ride on some of them in summer. In addition, you can fly your own airplane to AZO, which is three blocks from the Zoo (no side walk along the road, so they recommend arranging transportation).
The museum was founded by Pete and Suzanne Parish, both former pilots, who were content to leave their airplanes behind and share their enthusiasm about World War II airplanes with people who enjoyed these historic flying machines. The museum became popularly known as the Air Zoo because the collection included a Wildcat, Hellcat, Bearcat and Flying Tiger. It got a Tomcat and a Blackbird later. See more info at

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