#1 Natural Hair Albums - Years 1-5
Going on the 5th year with natural hair! Can't believe it myself LOL. These albums show progress from the BC in 2006 through 2012.
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Transitioning Albums pics - October, 2006 through May, 2007
15 months of going for the 'fro ;)
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Hair type/Texture
what it is and what it ain't.
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My first experience with any type of hair loss was a condition diagnosed as alopecia areata. It caused a silver dollar sized patch of hair loss on my crown.
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Tools of the Trade (Natural) and 2 words........cheap product junky.
some things have definitely change while some haven't. i refuse to buy any really expensive products anymore except of course my Aubrey's! If it's <$5 imma gonna try it at least once! I am searching for a good winter product, i need it to be kindof heavy, thick but not cause a bunch of build up. i don't want to have to poo my hair routinely so i don't want anything laden with cones..........sorta defeats the purpose of trying to build up moisture, ya know. i'll be adding pics of the stuff i'm trying, have tried and like or really hate ;)
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