This folder includes: Jill (Eileen) & Cynthia's Birthday 2004! Eileen & Cynthia's Birthday (2005) Sherry's Birthday and a Trip to the Florida Natural History Museum
albums: 3
This folder includes: Christmas 2004 Christmas 2005
albums: 3
Cynthia's Hawaii Pictures
Cynthia has moved to Hawaii to attend the University of Hawaii and these are the pictures she sends back to us!
albums: 2
Paul's Photo's
Some pictures Paul has taken for his upcoming photo project.
albums: 1
Sig Tags for Christy, Cynthia, Sherry and Michele
These are sig tags for my friends that I have snagged from various places or requested for them. Folder will remain locked and only the above mentioned people will get the password.
albums: 4
Special Events
This folder includes: Graduation Photo's Paul's Naturalization
albums: 2
This folder includes: Vacation in England (2005) New Orleans (July 2005) Native American Indian Pow Wow Wakulla Springs St. Marks, FL National Naval Museum & the U.S.S. Alabama and U.S.S. Drum
subfolders: 2 and albums: 7
Various Misc. Alblums
This folder includes: Cars Misc. Photo's Fountains and Other Misc. Items
albums: 3
Included in this folder are: Jill (Eileen) and Paul's Wedding Sherry and Chris Scheiderman's Wedding
albums: 2