My Hair
Apr 25, 2007

my routine: i still co-wash every couple of days, but on days i work out i just rinse with water. otherwise after co-wash, i follow with leave-in and/or moisturizer.

since, i am not buying any more products for the remainder of the year, i have really been experimenting with the products i currently own. some products i have i need to dispose of b/c they're garbage, but i can't bring myself to throw them away.

oil rinsing, if you haven't tried it, it awesome! acv rinses are great as well! i do these very sporadically, but they never fail!

some of my favorite conditioners are:suave juicy apple and milk and honey, TJ nourish spa, AO island replenishment

leave-ins: giovanni direct, paul mitchell the conditioner (generic of course), and MOP my absolute favorite

moisturizers: vigorol curling cream, aloe butter, avocado butter, and most oils(except olive, my hair hates it), flaxcream (if i have time to make it)

special thanks to the ladies at naturallycurly and nappturality for very helpful advice. my hair is below bsl and approaching waist length (though never a goal for me) i didn't know it was even possible! ;)

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