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21 Octopods at Lincoln City, Or

New world record, 6/28-29/08 YouTube video at http://youtube.com/watch?v=KyXvUyxFYTI more info at Gomberg Kite Productions' site: http://www.gombergkites.com/update/459.html


We got the record on Saturday, so were able to fly a more relaxed show on Sunday.

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Friday and Saturday

Arriving in Oregon, and going for the new world record octopus flight. These kites are 88 feet long and weigh about 40 pounds. Some years back, the Berkley Kite Wranglers, Al Sparling and Gomberg Kite Productions started flying "octopiles," and soon there was a race to see who could fly the most at one time. Tricky to get them all into the air, and challenging to organize enough of them to attend the same kite fest. This year, Lincoln City, OR, with big help from Gomberg Kite Productions, goes for the record.

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