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I've been trying to update like all week but my camera connection is jacked apparently so I had to go the old route and upload from the printer. Boooooo! I'm lazy and it acts an ass for the most part when I do it that way so that's the reason for the tardiness.
Moving on....

This month is a bunch of nothing as far as I'm concerned.... lol! Well as far as styles go I dont think there is anything. I was feeling really silly this month so beware! lol!

Again this month... I'm still asking you guys what you think my hair type is. Cause for real yall, I dont know! lol! Tock and I were thinking that it was 4a with bigger coils or either 3c with smaller coils. lol! I think it's 4a with bigger coils. I dont know... what are you all's theories on the thing??? I'm not asking anymore I promise!


Outside hair with a sprinkle of sun

Uploaded: April 29, 2009
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