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December 2010

  • clare kendry (Private)
    4 years 2 months ago
    IMG 0054
    Your hair is so beautiful. Lovely twist out!! Was this achieved with just  Shea Moisture?
    • 4 years 2 months ago
      thanks! Yup, SheaMoisture Restorative conditioner as leave-in, and the Deep Treatment Masque (which has pretty much the same ingredients as the leave-in, just thicker and less water) as a styling cream. No oils or anything when I first twisted. I added jojoba oil to my hands and my hair when unraveling the twists to prevent frizz. 
  • anonguest (Private)
    4 years 2 months ago
    IMG 0045
    I am sorry if you already answered this on your fotki, but I am wondering what hair type are you? I am unsure of my hair type
    and I noticed that your hair looks like a thicker version of the hair on the majority of my head!