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March, April & May 2011

Sorry I haven't updated my page in 4 whole months. Its been a busy semester, I was trying to keep my grades up (I got a 3.5 GPA, yay), my laptop nearly caught fire so I switched to an old donated computer. Luckily I got to save all my files and pictures onto a hard drive from Best Buy. (I highly recommended that) Now summer is here, so I will be updating a lot more often. For the past 4 months I have had braids in the entire time! I did some pretty cute styles with them (like bantu knot/twist outs). Sorry its kind of boring but I will be keeping braids in probably permanently from now on because I don't like doing my hair. I find that I even got better grades when I'm not wasting my weekends doing my hair, so its worth it. But I will also have flat iron updates (I flat iron & trim twice-thrice a year, I'm due for a trim this month), and the occasional loose style. I'm sooo close to my length goal of tailbone length. =D

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