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ThanksGiving 2008

30 people this year.. The usual suspects plus Ryann and two friends from WHO back from SierraLeone, Brendhan and gf back home after a peaceCorps stint in Malawi, Teresa (betsy's friend from Law School) and Teresa's one-month old twins, her husband, Teresa's sister-in-law (at school in Boston from Denmark) and a great person hired to help with the serving and clean-up. Memorables: The can-imprinted cranberry sauce, the (possibly last appearance of the 12 layer jello mold, The skilled carving by Rick, Brendhan's baby-naming story, the twins, The smoked turkey, The intimate table for 28, Elaine's incredible pastry trays, the lovely noise of 28, the 28 full glasses, the cousins togerther, the left-overs and the rock cornish game hen, and... and...and

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