My Collection of Stuff - Updated 5/24/16

Welcome to my collection of Drag Racing and Hot Rod Stuff. These are things that I have accumulated over my 42 years of fun livin’ in this automotive sport/hobby/lifestyle/addiction.....You will see lots of cool car-related stuff like toys, magazines, used-up parts, photos, trophys, art, stickers, posters, record albums, model kits, jackets, helmets, Ed Roth/Rat Fink items and a plethora of other trinkets. Some of my stuff may have some value, most of it doesn’t, except that it makes me smile. Just about everything has a story or memory attached to it and in that lies the value to me. Some of these things I’ve held onto since I was a child, some I’ve just recently acquired; the collection is always slowly expanding. So have look around and thanks for checking out my stuff…..
Comments and Questions are welcomed…..