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About my Cats

Older Photos from the cats that own me, or have owned me...

Merlin broke his leg!
Dec 6, 2006

Merlin broke his leg!

I don't know what happend exactly, but it was a triple fracture!
He had to go to a Vetenary Clinic in Athens, were he was operated by a Vetenary Orthopedic Surgeon.
The poor boy stayed for about one week in that clinic...

When he came back home, he was not allowed to walk or jump with his leg until it was healed!
So... he had to stay in a bench for about 8 more weeks... well he watched a lot of TV ;-))

The great thing about this sad story is that he recoverd very very good!!
He can do all the things with it, like if never anything happend with his leg.
Every thing turned out fine, he doesn't have any problem at all with it now!

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    Birth of Zorba
    Mar 1, 2007

    The day that Zorba was born...

    !!Warning: Some photos could be a problem, if you have a weak stomach!!

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    Zorbas first months
    Mar 2, 2007

    Photos from Zorbas, first months after he was born