1960 DeSoto Adventurer

EBAY ITEM 230574104910
Ended: Jan 21, 2011

1960 DeSoto Adventurer "Cross-Ram"
2 door Hardtop

Complete car minus lenses & a few chevrons, ready for assembly w/ Many Spares.
Will need mechanical & interior restoration as required.

EXTREMELY RARE, 1st. Year for any Chrysler product w/ the Dual Quad, “Cross-Ram” or “Power Charge” engine set-up. A Groovy option that cost $283.00, a lot of Bread back then! Numbers Matching Engine, Trans & Rear w/ rust-free, straight panels.

How RARE is this Automobile?

FIRST, it’s a Desoto. 1960 was the last year for the Adventurer & the last full production year for all Desotos. This is 1 of 4! Desoto Adventurer 2-door hardtops known with the "Power Charge" option, and the ONLY one known in this color combo that came factory-equipped with the RCA "Ultra-Fi", 45 rpm record player! (Not present but are available)

This has the 383ci, low-deck or "B" Wedge engine called the "Turbo Flash” by Desoto & in its “Ram Charge” configuration it puts out a whopping 330 hp/ 460 lbs. ft. of torque!

Why it’s a GENUINE “Cross-Ram”/"Power Charge" Desoto

 *CODE 356! - Documented.
 Fender liners have removable panel to access rear plugs as found only on the “Cross-Ram” engine.
 Transmission dipstick is Factory re-routed to accommodate the Ram-Induction tunnels.
 Engine Block # P38 115 (Correct 1960 “B” block & Date Range)
 Brakes- Power - Front: 12" drums, Rear: 12” drums, specific to & required for “Cross-Ram”

*Original IBM punch card from Chrysler Historical as pictured on Website showing the car was Factory-Equipped with the correct Code 370 – “Ultra-Fi” 45 RPM Record Player & Code 356 – “Cross-Ram”/ “Power Charge” engine w/ corresponding VIN on the card – Priceless! See a Dealer Specification Schedule on Website for more validation.

Carburetion: Complete dual AFB Carters on long aluminum, tunnel runners. Engineers called this “Resonance Supercharging”. Car has rebuilt, model- specific Hi-Performance Carter Fuel Pump.

The car was sold new in Frankfort, Kentucky. Present owners since 2000 are semi-retired from a long established car restoration business & frequent contributors to many automotive magazines & Muscle Car Authorities.

Service Records: none-has not been on the road since 1970, engine stuck. Ran when parked w/ no evidence of any problems - no leaks, contaminated fluids or cracks in block.

Body and base coat of paint work performed on shell after it had been media blasted. Approximately 400 hours of metal on metal body work had been performed. Parts from two parts cars are included. One front bumper guard mount is missing.

SO – 0111 (January 11, 1960)
NUMBER – 3247 (Production Sequence)
BDY – 722 Adventurer 2 door Hardtop
TRIM – 806 = Black, Red, & White Cloth & Vinyl
PAINT – WP2 = Shell White & Winterberry Red Metallic, 2 tone
Numbers under corresponding A-Z letters on Plate refer to last # of option code.
For Example: A # 6 under the J refers to the 6 or last # in option Code 306.
J=306 Adventurer Basic Group #2
T=429 Rear Seat Speaker
V=441 All Tinted Glass
Y=588 Undercoating & Hood Insulator Pad

Trim Package: Automatic Swivel Bucket Seats. Car originally had a front bench style seat, but currently has 4-Way Power, Auto Swivel Seat setup. $600 spent on having the door hinges rebuilt with custom made, stainless steel pins and specially fabricated torsion springs for opening the doors. The Bowden cables are installed so everything is set up for the automatic swivel seat feature, rear speaker, fender mounted antennae & splitter for twin rear antennae, heater, OSRV mirror, electric clock and Date-Coded SOLEX Tinted Glass all around.

Wheels/Tires: 14" with non matching tires
Rear/Drive System: 8.75" rear with 2.93 open differential
Transmission: Heavy Duty or High Performance (H suffix) TorqueFlite Three Speed, Push-Button Automatic
Suspension: Torsion-Aire Front torsion bar & Rear leaf spring
Exhaust: Dual

A Fantastic project with much work already done & when finished will have an inestimable value!

I will include pictures of doors on my Website when able to. Original windshield & rear window will need to be properly packaged & shipped separately along w/ all or most of the following: 2 doors w/ glass, 2 sets, front swivel seats, rear seat, gas tank & spare dash. We will attempt to place any & all non-breakable parts in car.


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