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Caitriona (MKB)
Even Easier Jedi Holocron
Feb 9, 2008

Kryy Jacobi (Karyn) of The Jedi Assembly posted recently about finding a starburst lamp at Fry’s Electronics. She placed it in the same plastic baseball display cube I had used for my original holocron. It has a very narrow cord that can be strung out of the cube to its battery pack.

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  • Caitriona (MKB)
    Easy Jedi Holocron - Tutorial
    Feb 19, 2005

    Acrylic baseball display case
    Clear cling window decal for ink jet printer
    Glue dots
    silver 3-D paint
    Circuitry graphics found on the internet

    Acknowledgements to those who have gone before. I’ve appreciated advice and information
    fromThomas (aka on as Clone Emperor)

    and James (aka Headhunter0183)

    and the discussions on

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  • Caitriona (MKB)
    Jedi Food Capsule Tutorial
    Jan 2, 2003

    This is a photo tutorial on how to make the Jedi Food capsules as seen on the belts of Jedi characters in Ep I and II.

    I have based this tutorial on one I found a couple years ago at
    However, it has not been available for many months. It was originally done by "Bobadept". Thus I am creating a new tutorial. The parts for the food capsules are described at

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  • Caitriona (MKB)

    Star Wars props and costume accessories, including a short photo tutorial on making the Jedi communicator.

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