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30 days of TWA love

the 1st month: when I BC'd I was SUPER excited &&& even more clueless!!! Luckily, my cousin introduced me to curlynikki.com and my whole outlook on hair care has changed! this is my journey of learning to love my curls &&& getting them to love me back, just as much! (i.e. product trial & error)

Mazani & Cantu

the 1st week: when i had my relaxed hair, I already used Mazani Cond/Shamp combination & Cantu Shea Butter to keep my strands moisturized. So, I figured it should still work now, too...right?

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Making the CG switch!

Curly Girl method.
The CG method is proposed by Lorraine Massey as a "non-sulfate, no cones" approach to keeping your wavy, curly, and kinky-curl (that's me) hair intact! I'm a science nerd @ heart, so the focus on hair structure, proteins, and product ingredients really sucked me in :)
-I'm currently on a modified CG method (I used some conditioners which contain one cone)

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