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2008 - The year of all things good for my hair

My EcoStyler Disclaimer: PLEASE, put a leave-in conditioner under this (or any other gel). I'm tired of folks coming to me complaining about the way the gel makes their hair feel. I ask them what they do, and they leave out this IMPORTANT step, and wanna blame me for the results. No way...not my fault. First and foremost, to each her own. Second, if you don't include the most important part, don't come complaining to me! Plus, it's winter time...give the gel a break! ------------------------ Ok, so technically, I've been doing this natural thing for a while, but my last BC was Sep '06. When Sep '07 rolled around, I was pretty amazed at the growth - and that is with 3 ridiculous trims that really amounted to cuts. This year, I am following a different course and looking forward to at least APL hair by the end of 2008. I think it is definitely doable (when stretched that is). That means that I will be focused on total body health (inside and out), less manipulation, and a simplified routine - probably punctuated with some higher maintenance styles from time to time. We'll see what develops. I can tell you now, updates will be fewer are farther between. My hair hasn't changed much, and probably won't. But I'll probably color, and keep doing what I do. Peace, love and blessings to all in 2008!

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Pregnancy: Weight Gain, Workout and DIet

That's right y'all...hubby and I are gonna have an addition soon and I can't tell you how elated I am.

This album is dedicated to my weight, workout and diet while pregnant. The goal is not necessarliy to limit the amount that I gain (for my size, it is recommended I gain between 25 and 45 lbs), but rather to gain weight in a healthy manner so that losing it on the back end is not so difficult.

Additionally, we are using a certified nurse midwife, and plan to have a natural birth at a birthing center. My diet now not only has an affect on the amount of weight and where it is gained, but also on the quality of the birth.

Tracking stats (weekly weigh-ins as suggested by my midwife):

1/25/08 - 123.4lbs
2/2/08 - 123.0lbs
2/15/08 - 126.6lbs!
2/22/08 - 123.8 :( I am recovering from a nasty bout of the flu...kicked my @$$ big time. I was super worried about the fetus - having a fever for 3 days scared me. But my midwife said as long as it doesn't go about 102, we should be ok.
4/1/08 - 130.3lbs (clearly, my appetite came back!)
4/28/08 - 136.8: gaining 6 pounds in 1 month is a lot! I am shattering the "text book" numbers...screw the textbook.
6/25/08 - 148lbs

*TEXTBOOK* Weight Milestones:
3/17/08 - 128-9lbs (yeah, right!)
6/30/08 - 140lbs
9/29/08 - 152lbs

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Current Products

At the moment, I am on a reduced product regimen. I am *trying* to use mostly natural, possibly organic products.

Routine as of 1/21/08:
1. Deep cleanse with Bentonite Clay
2. Co-wash with Elucence MBC
3. Apply Aveda Be Curly Conditioner - leave in overnight...sleep with a conditioner cap or plastic bag under a silk scarf
4. Rinse in the morning.
5a. Add elixir to the ends and go (End here for "out style").
5b. After hair is dry, twist using MJ Buttercreme
6. Apply Hair & Scalp Elixir to scalp every other night or so (ongoing testing on this one)
7. Add a little coconut oil to the ends as needed.

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Jan - March: 1st Challenge of the year

This month WAS all about twists...but the twist extensions had to go.

I have to be real and honest...this month is about introducing more natural products to the regimen.

Current stats - back to about where I was before my latest cut, err "trim", except the back, the back was still a bit longer. Oh well, just means my hair is closer to being one length as opposed to having a "tail" in the back.
Front - chin length
Sides - shoulder length
Back - collar bone length

3 month goal - 2 inches of growth

New Things:
1. Coconut oil - my hair fell in love.
2. Bentonite Clay...another love affair.
3. Aveda Be Curly Conditioner (NOT the Curl Enhancer - the latter was crap) - left on overnight, then rinsed in the morning followed by Elixir.
4. Before twists, cover hair with coconut oil, and twist with a little bit of gel (Eco)...I got a nice little balance going on with that combo (done on freshly washed hair).

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April - June

And I've come full circle. Back to wanting to get my hair straightened. Sometimes, I guess you just gotta scratch the itch. BUT the time I waited allowed me to do more research, find a good salon and know who I want to do my hair after talking to patrons, etc. I never would have done this in the past.

So, tomorrow, June 14th, I have an 11am appt at Edris Salon in the meatpacking district. The salon is owned by a sista, and it is a prerequisite that everyone that works in her salon be able to do "ethnic" and natural hair. I was skeptical at first, but they "entertained" me, and allowed me to come in and observe. I was impressed. I'll be updating tomorrow with the final result!

I know I am going to pay an arm and a leg, but I don't mind doing it in the name of preserving the mane...stay tuned!
Ok, so...

I totally decided against the flat iron. My husband kept reminding me of the dangers of heat and how just 1 degree too much for 1 second too long is enough to cause damage forever...

I love my husband, y'all.

BUT, I did decide to revisit Devacurl and some of my staples of old (ie, Eco, PM The Conditioner and SSF - all good stuff for me).

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July - Sep
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Oct - Dec
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