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Hair is still growing!!! Also notice my hair does not get "silky smooth" when pulled back

That's the coarseness coming through. I wold have to put a hell of a lot of gel on my hair to get that super shiny, smooth look and it's just not worth it to me. I just put it back and go. I appreciate the coarseness ;) Here, I only have the KCCC on the ends. I apply the KCCC AFTER I have my hair already half up and half down, and apply to the ends of the pony and run it through the portion that is hanging down.

Also, I have to admit I do have some shedding. I'll have to take a picture next time I detangle. Although, I probably should detangle more than once every three weeks or so. That might help, huh?

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Uploaded: December 31, 2008
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  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    6 years 6 months ago
    Gorgeous hair!!!
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    6 years 9 months ago
    wow! your hair is beautimous!
  • 6 years 9 months ago
    She is the cutest lil' thing....can I just say, your hair is crazy! I'm speechless.
  • 6 years 10 months ago
    Hey, the shedding could be from the hormone change in your body. My stylist told me to keep taking my prenatal pills for 6 months to a year. Pregnancy changes your body in ways you won't beleive.
  • 6 years 10 months ago
    my hair grew alot with my 3 pregnancies... shedding was the bad part. it's totally normal and should subside within the coming months. your hair is so thick and pretty that you probably can't notice the shedding much at all.
  • 6 years 10 months ago
    Embrace the 'coarseness' sis, thick is beautiful. Did your texture change during your pregnancy? Your hair looks looser to me. Either way you, your baby and your hair look absolutely stunning I don't even know you but I'm so happy for you!!
  • 6 years 10 months ago
    Shedding can occur after giving birth. During pregnancy, estrogen increases and the resting phase of hair decreases which prevents hair loss during pregnancy. However, after pregnancy, estrogen decreases back to normal and the resting phase of hair also increases back to normal which can cause increased shedding. But the shedding should begin to decrease during the 1st yr after giving birth. It's diff for diff ppl =)

    Oh and it will definitely seem like more since u only detangle once every three weeks!