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Genna's B-Day 2011

  • Sheila (Private)
    3 years 11 months ago
    IMG 7805
    Hello there a little bird told me it's your birthday!
    Well today is your birthdy! We're so glad you came along! Today is your birthday so I'm singing you this song! One year older; one year bigger. WOW! You've really grown alot! One year older; one year smarter.. and then I forgot the rest of this song... hehehehe... NickJr fan right here! 
    Happy birthday Genna! Even though it passed... Good health.. more wealth and may you be happy!
    ps... you can borrow Audrey when she is bad...  
  • ReemLin2011 (Private)
    4 years ago
    IMG 3697
    sweet photo, great colors btw
  • Shelly (Private)
    4 years ago
    Genna! you have some big shoes to fill.. You rock those shoes lil girlie!