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Lietuva / Lithuania / Литва / Litauen

Lithuania lies in the eastern Europe, on the coast of the Baltic Sea.Lithuania entered into the annals of European history when it was first mentioned in a medieval German manuscript, the Quedlinburg Chronicle, on February 14, 1009. More about Lithuania You can see here

Aukštaitija region, Lithuania / Litauen
Kaunas, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Utena, Biržai, Rokiškis, Zarasai, Molėtai, Joniškis , Kėdainiai districts
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Dzūkija region, Lithuania / Litauen
Alytus, Varėna, Trakai, Prienai districs
albums: 5
Suvalkija / Sūduva region, Lithuania / Litauen
Marijampolė, Šakiai, Vilkaviškis, Suvalkai districts
albums: 2
Žemaitija / Samogitia region, Lithuania / Litauen
Mažeikiai, Telšiai, Plungė, Tauragė, Raseiniai, Kelmė, Klaipėda, Šilutė, Jurbarkas districts
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Mažoji Lietuva / Ost - Preussen / East Prussia / Rytų Prūsija
Mažoji Lietuva - Baltų etninės žemės prie Kuršių marių dabar yra 3 valstybėse : Klaipėdos kraštas - Lietuvoje , Galdapės rajonas - Lenkijoje, Karaliaučiaus / Kaliningrado kraštas - Rusijos anklave. Lithuania Minor / Kleinlitauen / Litwa Mniejsza / Máлая Литвá is a historical ethnographic region of Prussia, later East Prussia in Germany, where Prussian Lithuanians or Lietuvininkai lived. Lithuania Minor enclosed the northern part of this province and got its name due to the territory's substantial Lithuanian-speaking population. Prior to the invasion of the Teutonic Knights in the 13th century, the main part of the territory later known as Lithuania Minor was inhabited by the tribes of Skalvians and Nadruvians. The land became depopulated to some extent during the warfare between Lithuania and the Order. The war ended with the Treaty of Melno and the land was resettled by Lithuanian newcomers, returning refugees, and the remaining indigenous Baltic peoples; the term Lithuania Minor appeared for the first time between 1517 and 1526. With the exception of the Klaipėda Region, which became a mandated territory of the League of Nations in 1920 by the Treaty of Versailles and was annexed to Lithuania in 1923, the area was part of Prussia until 1945. Today a small portion of Lithuania Minor is within the borders of modern Lithuania and Poland while most of the territory is part of the Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia.
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