Celebrity Tags
Tags of famous people usually movie stars but may include anyone or anything that may be considered a celebrity. The albums are broken up into folders to help keep the tree and directories from becoming too over-whelming. PLEASE SEE ~ CURRENT OFFERS ~ FOLDER FOR ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS!
subfolders: 5
Concession Stand
Food, drink, refreshments anyone?
subfolders: 4
EAG Wallpapers
Whatever wallpapers and backgrounds I've been able to reclaim after my crash.
albums: 3
Assorted extras/comps and other miscellaneous tags. Please note, not all tags have complimenting extras available. For simplicity in locating those that do all extras folder names match the corresponding tag's folder name.
subfolders: 2 and albums: 1
Fantasy & Fiction
Sword & sorcery, mythic characters & beasts and the strange but wonderous will be found herein. Also check out the Pagan tags folder.
subfolders: 5
Holy Daze
Holiday related tags
subfolders: 7
Things I couldn't quite fit elsewhere.
subfolders: 5 and albums: 7
Earth, sea, sky, fire...The building blockes of all things can be found here...Or maybe just trees. Who knows. Check it!
subfolders: 4
Pagan Tags
Pagan, Wiccan and Witchy flavored tags. Also check out the Fantasy & Fiction folder.
subfolders: 5
Miscellaneous folders of people or people like tags.
subfolders: 3
Various signatures I've created where the imagery is minimal and when existent are only accents.
subfolders: 1 and albums: 7
PLEASE READ: You can order all RETIRED TAGS (unless otherwise indicated on individual folders or albums). Fortunately my request form is now currently available. My apologies for the inconvenience while it was but it was not something I had control over. The serves shut down my form and will not reply to me to explain why and though I can still log in there my form is gone. The new form is here: http://eag.i8.com/EAGform2.html The form link can also be found in my Fotki links. You will need the tag title off of the Fotki folder or album containing the tags you want. If you do not see a tag title then copy and paste the whole file name in letters to me requesting my tags. Tag titles are included in almost every file's name. Some tags have restrictions or limits of the numbre ordered. Again, read the folders before attempting to order. Do not order items in the preview folder. Check for the names you want before you order, they may already be made. I DO NOT ACCEPT ORDERS IN MY COMMENTS, GUESTBOOK OR ANYWHERE ELSE ON FOTKI! Check out my journals for updates and other information. There is a journal for folkes to communicate with me directly as well and for people to talk to one another if they choose. You can join my always list in the Fotki links at left, by visiting http://groupa.yahoogroups.com/group/EAGAL/ or by mail by sending mail to: EAGAL-subscribe@yahoogroups.com You can access my hug links from the my links page here (http://links.fotki.com/LadySatan/) or at the left if you would like to reward me for my work. Hugs are never required but ever appreciated. Your pleasure is my treasure... By Dark Of Night Lady Satan
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