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Tags relating to the popular TV series starring Jon Erik Hexum and Meeno Paluce. The series focused around the misadventures through time of handsome time traveler Phineas Bogg and 12 year olde Jeffrey Jones. Voyagers are helpers of the cosmos who help to make sure time runs smoothly and as it should. Hexum died tragically when he shot himself on the temple, as a joke, with a stunt gun while on set. He was compared with John Wayne and John Travolta in talent and good looks (respectfully applied) and was considered a very promising young actor. Paluce is now a teacher at Hollywood High, last I heard. What does he teach? History of course!


Animated tribute tag to the 1980s series, Voyagers, starring the late Jon-Erik Hexum. A second tag is in the works to honor him and co-star, Meeno Peluce in the time traveling series. If you do not remember this don't worry, even if you were olde enough to remember there were only 20 episodes. ORDERS OF ONE NAME ONLY PLEASE.

Tag Title: Voyagers-EAG071608

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Tag of the beloved TV series starring the late Jon-Erik Hexum.

Tag Title: -Voyagers!-EAG021309

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