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Fantasy Miscellany

Miscellaneous fantasy or Sci-Fi tags I couldn't quite justify putting elsewhere.

Confucious Says
Humor tag based on the olde "Confucious Says" puns. Tag Title: ConfuciusSays-EAG101705
albums: 1
Don't F*** With Me What So Ever!
~Devil girl attitutde tag. Viewer discretion advised for adult language. Tag Title: DFWMWSE-EAG012208
albums: 1
Fairytale tags.
albums: 2
One Of Those Days
~Humorous cat in toilet tag.
albums: 1
For King And Crown

Midieval inspired tag.

Tag Title: ForKing&Crown-EAG012608

Album was created 8 years 6 months ago and modified 3 years 1 month ago
Great Master

~Michael Catangelo?

Tag Title: GreatMaster-EAG101505

Album was created 9 years ago
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~Sword dude!

Tag Title: Raider-EAG121606

Album was created 9 years 1 month ago and modified 5 years 1 month ago