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Toni the Garden Cat

After living on the streets for 10 years Toni has moved to a garden. Hopefully he will like his new life as Toni the Garden Cat.
First day: he was curious and relaxed
Second day: nervous and angry. Ran away to his old hide away in the park 3 times. Kicking and scratching and trying to bite when I fetched him the second and third time. Not sure which way it is going.
Third day: locked in while his house was being painted and he still wants to run away at every opportunity.
Fourth day: back garden enclosed with bamboowall to discourage quick escapes, followed by a sunny picknick with gifts from the dear lady who has cared for him the last 10 years.
Fifth day: relaxed and laying around, then in the sun and then in the shadow.
Sixth day: relaxing in the garden, not showing any interest in escaping.
Seventh day: doing what cats do the best ... sleeping!
After a very intense first week, I am feeling carefully optimistic that Toni might prefer staying in the garden. Let's hope it stays this way!
Second week: Toni ran away once. The rest of the week very relaxed. What a relief!
Third week: Toni spend the whole week in the garden. He was left alone for 24 hours and was very happy to see his human again. For the rest purring a lot, and seems to be adapting well.
Fourth week: 19 days without running away. Toni is spending most of his days and nights relaxing. Always happy to see his human appearing with his favourite snacks or tasty meals.
1 MONTH! Slept in his Swedish cottage for the first time. Toni has moved in to stay! :-)
2 MONTHS! Toni has adapted well to his life in the garden. Had his first visit to the vet, started playing, allow his fur to be brushed and made friends with two blackbirds/ merels (turdus merula) in the garden.
3 MONTHS! Toni loves playing and has started to watch television in the evening. He also spend his first summer alone in his garden, with 4 visits a day by his dear old friends.
4 MONTHS! Toni has changed into a very relaxed and playful cat. Sometimes even forgettig to bite! He even enjoys the resident hedgehog's visits!
5 MONTHS! Days are getting shorter and colder. Toni is allowed to come into the house before television time as long as he stays in his basket, and he does that on the click of a finger!
6 MONTHS! Toni got a cat door in the garage, and figured out how to use it within one hand of whiskers treats!
7 MONTHS! Toni hates snow! He runs on tippy toes to his shed!


Toni 2017 July 18 Shed (6)

Taken: July 18, 2017
Uploaded: September 11, 2017