Natural Journey....Year 2
This folder will contain my second year of being natural, and all the differents things I am going to do with my hair.....join me on the journey and feel free to leave comments, ask questions, give suggestions, and please leave messages in my guestbook.....i read all of them! ENJOY!!!!
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Natural Journey....Year One
This album will track my first year's growth.....the good, along with the bad. During this time, i will learn what products work for my hair, and ones that don't.......hopefully i can get a regime going by my 6th month.
albums: 13
Comparison Shots
This folder will have all my comaprison shots ranging from fro to twist comparison.
albums: 2
Big Chop Baby!!!!!
I finally did it!! After 5 months of transitioning, i couldn't take it anymore!! I went to a beauty shop and got the relaxed ends chopped off!! The last time i went to a barber, and he used clippers and made it look like i got a haircut!! I wasn't gonna make that mistake again......I love the way my chop came out!!! She did such a wonderful job that i tipped her an extra 20!!! I am never returning to the thing called relaxer......I'M NATURAL FOR LIFE BABY!!!!!!!!! Last relaxer: Dec. 26, 2006 Big chop: May 26, 2007 Transition time: 5 months **Update** I found my ruler and measured my hair......1.5" all around!!
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Relaxed Days
pics of my hair when i was obsessed with the "crack"
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