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Aug.-Sept.-Month 4


~~~~I know it's been a while since i updated, but i'm so busy with school that i don't have time........I put the rest of month 4 pics up......enjoy the rest of month 4, but make sure to go to months 5 and 6!!

I put the rest of the aug pics in here so i can have a start the other album has alot of pics.............I'm Soooooo glad i can update!!!!!!

I do have yarn twists in my hair right now because i was on a six month twist challenge, but once school started, i couldn't take care of it the way its supposed to be taken care of.......well, either way, i'm still on a challenge........i plan to take these out in dec., but i already feel like i had them in for months! I'm gonna stick it out though........i'm going to upload all the pics first before i make comments on them, just to make sure i have all of them up.........ENJOY!!!!

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