Mar.-April Month 11

March 26th to April 26th

===this month is the continuation of my psc. I know i was going to wear box braids the whole time but......I went to New York to visit family and had to get my hair done! starts in the month 10 album.....i have only had these braids for about 2 weeks and i already miss my hair and want to take these out!! But i'm going to wear these till the end of april and cont. my psc in may.

~~~i'm going to TRY my best to cont. this psc till july like i initially said......but after this psc, it will be a while before i do another psc challenge!! enough talk.....enjoy the pics!!

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    7 years 7 months ago
    Mar -April (Month 11) 004
    you look really pretty here

    ===awww thanks!!