My FB timeline covers
This folder is for holding my facebook timeline covers. Feel free to snag and use/share. Do not edit them I try to be copyright aware but I'm only human and sometimes make a mistake so if you see something that shouldn't be used please send me a private message and I'll either correct it or remove it. I get alot of my FTU psp tubes from yahoo group shares or I purchase PTU ones from various stores, I hope you'll find something you like! Enjoy! -------------------- PLEASE IF YOU GRAB MY TIMELINES COULD YOU LEAVE ME A QUICK NOTE SO I CAN SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED IN THEM?? I SEE ALOT OF VIEWS BUT FEW COMMENTS. I DO ENJOY YOUR COMMENTS! A QUICK NOTE IS ALL I ASK! ***Please note that the older timelines do not have matching AV's. I didn't start making them until someone requested them. All new ones now have the matching AV**
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Snaggable Extras
THIS FOLDER WILL HOLD SOME OF MY FAVORITE TAG EXTRAS THAT I HAVE MADE. FEEL FREE TO SNAG AND USE Feel free to snag and use! ----- some sample sayings are: Good morning / Good night / Happy weekend / Hello / Checking in / Snagged / Sharing / For You / Welcome / Welcome to the group / You're Welcome / Forwarding / Hugs / Happy Birthday / Lovely / Mom / *************************************************************************************************************************** THIS FOLDER WILL NOW ALSO HOLD THE FORUM SIZE GAME TAG EXTRAS.
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Just a place for me to store my blank tags.
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Just a place to store my tagging materials
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TTL Tags
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Pretty Poser Tag Shop

Please read the rules under each tag or you might not
get your requests.
Do NOT request here. go to MsB's and request in the appropriate thread.
Check back often as I will be adding more

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