Lisa's Tags2Go Pick up
Tag Delivery for Members of my groups inside ... NO REQUESTS HERE PLEASE! Check out "My Links" page to the left for group info for requesting your own name :)
subfolders: 1
Inside are the Angels Extras Sets I have made over the years. You will find many different styles of tags :) Some are cute, some anime, many different styles and colors. Hope you find some you will enjoy using !
albums: 17
All Critters Extras
A little of all kinds of animals and critters extras I made.
subfolders: 3 and albums: 21
Bird Extras
subfolders: 2 and albums: 11
Cat Tag Extras 1
Cats tag extras sets I have made for you to save. Please allow them to fully load as most all are animated.
albums: 22
Cat Tag Extras 2
More kitty tag extras
albums: 22
Cat Tag Extras 3
More cat tag extras I have made :)
albums: 15
Cat Tag Extras 4
This folder is empty
Cat Tags Famous Characters
LOL-Here are the Garfield, Hello Kitty, Kliban, and more "famous" kitty extras I have made. The folder was getting to full so made this sub folder:)
subfolders: 1 and albums: 9
Celebrity-Elvis Extras
Elvis tags I have made-I'm a big fan:) There are YEARS worth of Elvis tag extras, blinkies, toppers... I have made inside, enjoy :)
subfolders: 5 and albums: 4
Celebrity Extras-Mixed
Movies,Groups, Duos and more
albums: 9
Celebrity Extras-FEMALE
Famous Ladies, movie stars and more :)
subfolders: 2 and albums: 12
Celebrity Extras- FEMALE Singers
Inside are tag extras of Female singers I made.
albums: 4
Celebrity Extras-MALE
Quite a mixture of Famous Celebs, TV stars, Movie stars, etc.
subfolders: 4 and albums: 20
Celebrity Extras-MALE Singers
Inside are tag extras of Male singers I made.
albums: 8
Celebrity Extras WWE
subfolders: 3 and albums: 8
Celebrity Extras Sports
This folder is empty
Christian Tag Extras
Sharing extras I have made that are Christian themed. Including ANGEL EXTRAS too :)
albums: 17
Dog Tag Extras 1
Dog tag extras I have made for you to save. Please allow the animated tags to fully load before saving.
albums: 21
Dog Tag Extras 2
More sets of dog extras I made :)
albums: 15
Fantasy Extras
Fairies, Dragons, and more fantasy extras I have made :)
subfolders: 2 and albums: 19
Favorite Characters and Toons
subfolders: 4 and albums: 18
Flower & Scene Extras
subfolders: 1 and albums: 22
Food Extras
Fruit, kitchen, drinks, and other goodies related to food & eating
albums: 16
Frog extras
albums: 6
Funny Tags
albums: 7
Gems & Jewels
albums: 4
Holiday Seasonal Extras
I have sectioned my holiday extras/seasonal ones/ special occasions to this folder : Birthdays, Valentines, Mardi Gras, St Patty's, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Get Well, Mother's Day etc etc.
subfolders: 21
Kids Extras
All kinds of kids, cute, sweet, and touching:)
subfolders: 1 and albums: 11
Ladies Extras
Victorian, Oriental, all kinds of ladies and even Shoes! are included in this folder-separate albums for the extras.
subfolders: 1 and albums: 12
Ladies Extras- Victorian
Here are the extras I have made using Victorian era images :)
albums: 6
Native American Extras 2
More Native American extras I have made
albums: 3
Retro Tags
subfolders: 1 and albums: 6
Teddie Bear Extras
All kinds of teddies :))
albums: 11
Turtle Tags
albums: 5
Water Creatures
Frogs, Fish, Mermaids, sea creatures, dolphins, turtles, and more :)
albums: 13
Wolves Extras
See also Native American for a few tags with wolves in the picture:)
albums: 8
Name Tags to Share I made
Inside are FOLDERS of name tags I have made over time. PLEASE NO REQUESTS! I will add new ones as I can :) Enjoy!
subfolders: 18
Non-English Extras
Inside are Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and other languages of my extras -I hope you can find some you can use !
subfolders: 4
My Photos
albums: 10
Photos taken by me
Brandon Bennet "Elvis" Concert
Apr 16, 2009

These are photos I took from my seat 4th row at the Columbia Theater in Hammond, La April 16th, 2009. Some are very blurry -but I included them anyway LOL

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Desktop wallpapers I have made

**You may need to click where it says: GET ORIGINAL UPLOADED PHOTO or it won't be full sized.

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