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QUEEN VICTORIA, Britannia Restaurant, Lido, Winter Garden - Oct 2012

Britannia Restaurant – The ship’s largest dining venue apparently "inspired by the dining car of the famed Golden Arrow that linked London to Paris. Art Deco, artwork, wall sconces and finishes that include polished wood and bronze mirror. The room’s focal point is a world globe by U.K. artist David Norris – stands ten feet tall facing the restaurant’s entrance. The dinner menus and some sample dishes.
The Winter Garden with retractable glass roof is Queen Victoria’s indoor / outdoor relaxation area, conservatory style, but not very inviting and the roof is too low - QUEEN ELIZABETH's roof is domed and much better. Used as a Lido Buffet overflow. Small bar area - $4.95 + 15% service charge for a fresh orange juice. Small 'stage' for band.
A handful of photos of Todd English [alternative restaurant] through the glass & outside, only as could not interrupt a meeting.
The Lido Restaurant - typical buffet with insufficient seating [by a long way! this led to people saving tables then going to get their food, which exacerbates the problem]; food could have been hotter and fruit fresher [referring to well past its best woolly watermelon] with limited breakfast on the last morning [no waffle/pancake/omelet station etc]. More 'Stars Aboard' type decorated tiles, but of more interest are a series of typical old fashioned seaside resort images, of where [does anyone know the views?] and who by? no plaques on these.

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