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Static Restaurant Vessels tss Queen Mary, ps Tattershall Castle & rs Hispaniola, ex Maid of Ashton Various Thames Excursion Vessels

tss Queen Mary Revisited 2
Feb 14, 2009

2 1/2 years since I last took some photos of Queen Mary by Waterloo Bridge [see ] we went to visit for a cup of coffee aboard, only to find her closed. Hopefully this is just due to the time of year and an annual spruce up. The previous main website now redirects one to which mentions nothing about a closure, nor was there an information board alongside with any detail. She is obviously not being used at the present time, but did not look derelict.

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Harmony II
Feb 14, 2009

HARMONY II 696gt 1955 looking good alongside at Canary Wharf.
Built as a passenger & cargo ferry in Split, Croatia, by the Jadranska Linjska Plovidba company in 1954 this lovely vessel has had quite a life & was fully restored by her current owners, Pedley Marine, between 2002 & 2007 in Liverpool & Ipswich. She has for the past 2 years over wintered at Marsh Wall in Canary Wharf, London acting as a hotel & conference venue [summers in the Med on charter]. She is however now currently closed & up for sale/charter after a previously agreed sale fell through a few months ago.

For her full history please see
and for details of her sisters' too
A handful of photos of Lord Amory and ST Portwey too

For a short video clip see

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Queen Mary Revisited
Jul 3, 2006

Nearly 2 years have passed since I last took some photos of Queen Mary by Waterloo Bridge. In August 2004 she was looking decidedly 'run-down' [see ]; what a difference this time! We even went aboard for a drink and something to eat.

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Tattershall Castle
Jul 3, 2006

PS Tattershall Castle, now a Pub/Restaurant & Function Facility, alongside Victoria Embankment at Hungerford Bridge - 3 July 2006

A River Humber Ferry built by William Gray & Company, West Hartlepool, 1934 for the London & North Eastern Railway Company (LNER). Launched 24 September 1934 by Miss Pamela Wilson, daughter of Sir Murrough Wilson, Chairman of LNER. PS Tattershall Castle was licensed to carry 1050 pax, along with a few vehicles, livestock & cargo. 556 gt [Sister to the Wingfield Castle, now berthed in Hartlepool, & Lincoln Castle at Grimsby]. See

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Jul 3, 2006

RS Hispaniola ex Maid of Ashton - the first of four "Maids" to enter service for the Caledonian Steam Packet Co in 1953 [MV Maid of Ashton, MV Maid of Argyll, MV Maid of Skelmorlie, MV Maid of Cumbrae].

She has now been a static restaurant for over 30 years and was last fully refurbished in 2002 at Great Yarmouth. See and for her history.

Visit for current information.

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Thames Excursion Vessels
Jul 3, 2006

Various Thames Excursion Vessels spotted between Westminster & Waterloo bridges - 3 July 2006
City Cruises - Millennium City
Circular Cruise Westminster - Sapele, Sarah Kathleen
Bateaux London / Catamaran Cruisers - Naticia, Hydrospace Delta
The Riverline [Thames Clippers] - Tate to Tate, Hurricane Clipper
Thames Cruises Ltd - Viscountess
Westminster Party Boats - Mercedes
Capital Pleasure Boats - Golden Jubilee
Rosewood & others

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Queen Mary
Aug 31, 2004

TSS Queen Mary, 1014gt, was built in 1933 by Wm. Denny's of Dumbarton, Scotland for Williamson-Buchanan Steamers, at a cost of £62,000. On trials she achieved 19 Knots & her Maiden Voyage was on 20th May 1933. Max 1500pax on her excursion services on the Clyde.

Her last cruise was from Largs to Rothesay on 27th September 1978. Now an entertainment venue moored at Victoria Embankment, London. See
Became Queen Mary II in 1935 to allow her name to be used for the new Cunard liner, and renamed Queen Mary when Cunard's Queen Mary was removed from the register. At one stage she had a single funnel. See

Views from the Thames & London Eye - 31 Aug 2004

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