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My Josh Groban pics

I discovered Josh Groban with his debut album - I was told he was a contruction worker turned popopera singer - the song Canto Alla Vita received a lot fo airplay in Singapore due to the presence of Andrea Corr... His second album "Closer" has virtually no air play in Singapore but was a top selling album during the Christmas season here ... well Singapore Grobanites are waiting for him to perform live in Singapore ! If Michael Buble and Secret Garden ( performing in Mar 2004 ) can come here - why not Josh ? ...

Joshatthe shrine

Joshatthe shrine

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Taken: January 31, 2004
Uploaded: February 07, 2004
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Canon EOS Digital Rebel

  • jerilyn (Private)
    9 years 7 months ago
    he is a sexy beast.
  • Maisy Mary Singapore (Private)
    11 years 10 months ago
    Live at the shrine