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Pickin Pumpkins 10-05-08

After Will's birthday party, we all gathered up our stuff and headed over to Grandma and PaPa's house to pick some pumpkins. The kids got a lil hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. I'm not sure who had more fun pumpkin pickin....the adults or the kids! We all had a blast out in the fall sun, finding the perfect pumpkin, throwing it to the person nearest the trailer, watching the kids pick out the one they wanted and try to carry it, and just being with one another. Just a perfect end to a perfect day!!!
Oh ya.....Matt and I went out bow hunting as well. Check out the frame by frame shots I did as he shot at this buck. It was a pretty neat experience! He didn't get the deer but I got my shot.....lost his arrows tho :( But we have cool pics right? :))

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