My town Leningrad-SPb as I it saw.

  • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
    6 months ago
    ... with horrible traffic. Car, car, car to car ...  :o) 
    I'm glad to live in the countryside.  :-) 
    • Marbess Premium user Russia (Private)
      6 months ago
      There are more in Moscow!
      • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
        6 months ago
        Yes, dear Marbess, I agree with you.
        There are numerous German cities, that I do not like, because they are optimized for cars and not for people. 
        But when I was for the first time in Moscow, I was horrified! In Moscow, the habitat of people has been almost completely taken over by the cars. As a pedestrian or cyclist, it is almost impossible to cross the motor roads and to move through the city. And the small space, that is not yet blocked by cars, is filled with traffic noise and evil-smelling exhaust fumes. I have the impression that the people, who live there, no longer know, how beautiful nature is and how wonderful life (without car) can be. :-)   
  • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
    8 months ago
    The stadium "Zenit-Arena". View from the park "300 years of St. Petersburg".
    Beautiful photo. The optics of the football arena and of the gigantic highway bridge has succeeded.  

    ... but I do not like professional football and I do not like huge car roads. 
    What gigantic expenditure (40 billion rubles?) is done here, so that twenty-two (22!) persons can practice sport at the same time. :o)  ... and this illuminated road bridge has 8 car lanes? ...but no bicycle lane?! ... how sporty!  :o) 
    In the eyes of an old mad cyclist, these gigantic construction projects are monuments of insanity. 
  • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
    10 months ago
    New art- object on my street. " Pushkin had gone".
    Surely Pushkin was an intelligent, educated man. For his literary art I have huge respect. 
    However, to me is incomprehensible, why such an intelligent man, because of his wife, fights a gun shooting duel with his brother-in-law. Why does such an intelligent man find no other way to resolve his conflict? 
    It's a pity that Pushkin had to go so young.  
  • 10 months ago
    IMG 3787
    Today I viewed my Russia photos again. This was a magnificent church with the mosaics. The St Basil Cathedral in Moscow is also spectacular with its coloured domes and plain architecture inside. Both unique in its own way.