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Year 2+ 2006

Thanks for visiting my fotki album. This album has pictures of my Sisterlocks in 2006.
November 28, 2006 will be my 3yr anniversary. This journey has been fun!!
Some of the photos will have some of my poetry for your reading pleasure. Your comments are welcomed.



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Gold - Poetry


The color of the sun melting over the top of the Alico Building with
Burnt bronzy bricks lowering their count and brilliance with
Every ticking second.
The heat is a blazing fajita sizzling on sweat beaded brows and musty arm pitted street workers on 5th and Franklin. They say that Dr. Mae Jackson Development Center is gonna be something else.
And the fountain at Heritage Square sprinkles rainbow glistened drops of water in perfect succinct formation
And I run one full lap around the circled cut out bolder. I haunch over with my finger
Tickling the dancing water maids and feel the cool rushing up my arms squelching some of this invisible furnace away.
And then I take flight to concrete slabs on the ground jumping from one financial donor
To the next wondering how much it costed to get their names etched in those saline rocks and I stop and reflect and tell myself
One day Maryee’s name will be a resting place for my feet or perhaps other kids’ feet when they play.
One day
One day
Photo taken at the Freedom Fountain, Waco, Tx 7-15-06

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Taken: July 15, 2006
Uploaded: July 17, 2006
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    10 years 3 months ago
    Thank you kindly! The water is majestic.