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Japanese Beer

The Japanese can thank the Dutch for introducing beer to their country back during the Edo Period(1603-1868). However, it wasn't until
the Meiji Era that beer was formally introduced by the Germans. Japanese beer is the number one alcoholic drink in Japan, namely because it's cheaper than nihonshu and is less taxed. Some qualities that distinguish Japanese beer from others are: taste, color, and texture. Japanese beers are commonly referred to as Lager types which contain fewer calories and less alcohol. Recently, however, Japanese brewing techniques have evolved and now, with better technology, brewers in Japan are able to make even better beer with even less alcohol and fewer grains than lager; we call these new types "Happoushu" which have been popularized on mainstream media and television commercial as the beer of choice ! Enjoy

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Pure Grain Malt Beer. Not Happoushu

Kin-Mugi- golden wheat beer

Taken: June 25, 2007
Uploaded: August 05, 2007
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