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Unique & Strange Places of Japan !

A collection of photos from very controversial places in Japan.

Tony Alexander "McTojo Archives"
The Disputed Burial Grounds of Jesus Christ

In a little town called Shingo in Aomori there is a place that is arguably the burial grounds of Jesus Christ of the Bible. It is said that 12 years of Christs life is missing from the scriptures and that during that time Christ had travelled to asia !
He also travelled to India where there are accounts of Christ performing miracles. He also travelled to Japan and it was here that he married a Japanese woman and fathered a child.

It is also said that his younger brother died on the cross for Jesus in proxy ! Anyway, here are a few photos !

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  • Tony Alexander "McTojo Archives"
    The Big Apple of Japan

    Situated in a tiny town call Momoichi, in Aomori prefecture, is a park named after New York. This park has a replica of the statue of liberty - half the size of the real one, but big neverthless.

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