13 Tsunami v Oddity

Paulie Jay and Del Tsunami were next in the ring, and Del's opponent was longtime rival Lenn Oddity. The combatants were ready but there was no ref. Jose Perez came to ringside and was just devestated that Paulie's other lackey, Jim Sullivan was a no-show. He then revealed that not only would he be the ref for this contest but that it would be "Anything Goes". Of course this led to a wild brawl, and about the only thing Jose took exception with was Paulie winding up to hit Lenn with a chair. Del undid a turnbuckle pad, but Lenn was able to avoid being slammed in to it, at least for the moment. Eventually Tsunami did run the clowns head into the exposed metal and Lenn was left a bloody groggy mess. Del went into Lenn's bag of fun and found a miniature steel chair. Jose again didn't let the chair fly, wrestling it from the judoku's hands. The tattooed ugly freak took ahold of Tsunami and Jose swung for the fences. Del slithered out of the clown's grip and a thunderous, sickening, brainscrambling shot was delivered to the top of the poor guys head. Del covered him and Jose made a deliberately slow three count, but it could've been to ten or even... fourteen. Oddity wasn't moving til security scraped him off the canvass and carried him to the back.