Up Next, the NECW Television Championship Match was marred with controversy. Reigning champion “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke seemed en route to a routine title defense win over “Superstar” Ryan Matthews. As Locke prepared to administer his finishing move “The Locke Down”, Matthews’ grandfather, sitting as a special guest at ringside, jumped up yelling for Ryan and appeared to begin having heart trouble, falling to the floor clutching his chest. As everyone looked to check on his condition, Matthews rolled up Locke, holding the tights, to pin the champion and win the Television Championship. As Ryan Matthews was announced as the new TV Champion, his grandfather jumped to his feet and ripped off his shirt, glasses and wig. Ryan Matthews’ grandfather on his mother’s side is none other than the 70-year-old “Sports Illustrated Legend” Robbie Ellis!

As a stunned crowd looked on, NECW TV’s Joe Matterazzo returned to the ring to let Locke know that he also had earned an invitation to the 6th Annual IRON 8 Championship. Considering how he was the victim of such a stunning title loss, Locke seemed more perturbed than appreciative at the announcement.

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