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05 "Talent" T.J. Richter and John Munroe vs. "The Epic" Mike Bennett and Guy Alexander

2nd match, round one. Referee: Rob Teutel. Munroe's singlet features a belt, suspenders, and an imprinted tie. Lots of cheating behind the back of the referee. Richter goes up off the ropes to get someone but ends up getting Munroe instead (who first catches Richter in his arms and then in disgust elects to drop him). The match ends with one of the two, Bennett or Alexander, jumping off the top rope at Munroe. Munroe counters the move with a catch, but then the other Bennett/Alexander partner executes a flying dropkick off the ropes into the back of his caught partner, thus toppling and simultaneously slamming Munroe onto his back for the pin. After the match, Munroe and Richter get into an argument about what occurred.

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